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Update Jan 2023

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on here, my apologies, we have been very focused on getting things moving again after the disruption of having to find a new drummer, booking more shows, working on the record and the final decisions in regards to the shortfilm. So I will be making a post to make up for the lack of the last few months.

First thing, David stepped down as our drummer and our last show with him was back in August when we supported Pretty Addicted at the Venue in Westcliff-on-Sea. It was all left in agreeable terms and we wish him nothing but the best. Since then we have been very fortunate in finding a fast replacement so the transition was painless, with James who has made his mark on the new EP. We had been working out how to record his drums for the best result and we think what we have done in the end works out best for the record as a whole. We have played our first show with James on 19/01/2023 at the Edge in Basildon with Regicide and Six Sins Till Sunday. This show has proven that James is a perfect fit for us and we cannot wait to play more shows with him.

Now with the EP there’s a few things I feel like I need to clarify as a lot has changed. We originally wanted to film a shortfilm to go with the EP to add a greater visual aspect to the message and general atmosphere we’re trying to get across. However, in the end we decided that a shortfilm is going to be too much work and will needlessly push the EP release back further which we don’t want to do as we feel like we’ve kept you all waiting long enough. We are going to change the way we’re going to release this EP so keep your eyes on future posts and the Newsletter.

With all the above we have also been releasing the Podcast on a more regular basis and gave it a new look. On top of that we have also managed to get the podcast on all streaming sites, so check out The Dancefloor Martyr Podcast. We will be looking at having guests on eventually once we have a definite flow and we’re comfortable with how the podcast is progressing.

Not keeping this post much longer our next show will be at The Dev in London for Metal to the Masses on 12th Feb 2023 you can get tickets below

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